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Online Driver Education


  • 20 Hours In-Class Instruction
  • 10 Hours: At Home Assignments
  • MTO Registration and Certification Costs
  • SMITH System Driving Techniques
  • Alcohol Impairment Simulation Program
  • Weather Control Techniques
  • HST Not Included

Additional Information:

– Our Instructors are available 7 days a week
– In a rush? This course can be completed in 16 days
– Full course must be completed within 1 Year
– Mock tests will be conducted to prepare for the road tests
– Learn freeway driving, round-a-bouts, parallel parking/back-in parking, obstacle avoidance and more…



4G Advanced Driving School is a Ministry Approved Driver Education Course Provider (BDE).

Our cutting edge classroom theory utilizes proven techniques and teaching methods. It focuses on collision prevention, defensive driving and how to pass your road test along with all other necessary topics. Our interactive approach has students working together in the classroom to determine how crashes occur, and how they can be avoided. Our workbook (HomeLink) furthers your knowledge of defensive driving and collision avoidance.

Our Online Driver Education starts from $600.00


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